Credits / ranks / achievement


6 Credit Awards

  • Register to website
  • Leave a rating
  • Daily rating reward
  • Daily login reward
  • Like a rating
  • Get a like on a rating

3 Credit Deducts

  • Inappropiate content
  • Dislike a comment
  • Get a dislike on a rating

And you can earn varying amount of credits by completing Badged, achievements, challenges, etc.

Yes you can get credits deductions. There are three ways: 1. receiving dislikes on your ratings. 2. disliking other ratings. 3. posting inappropiate content. (In the future) You can spend credits to unlock ranks and achievements.

By climbing to new ranks you can become a Master Rated. Look at: for all requirements to become a Master Rater.


  1. Open a Pokémon by clicking on its name
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Fill in the amount of stars (required) + description (required) + name
  4. Click the button to submit your rating

How much stars does this shiny Pokémon deserve to earn? It is all up to you.

Ofcourse not, we are looking for a honest opinion. Every star rating rewards the same amount of credits.

Unfortunately at this moment that is not possible. Earlier rating systems with half stars were very buggy. We are working hard to get this function enabled soon.

List of improvements

  • Progress bars to track progress
  • Option to sort by random to make it easier to keep rating
  • On Pokémon page stars clickable (now it looks like those empty stars are clickable for rating but they aren’t)
  • Notifications
  • Simple style fixes leaderboard
  • Notifications style smaller
  • List of recent ratings
  • List of best rated ratings
  • Improved mobile single Pokémon image design
  • Sort by average rating and number of ratings
  • Notification after rating to navigate easier to previous page
  • A method to filter or see which Pokémon are already rated (i.e. with a label) by the current user
  • “rate now” / “rate random” button more prominent on pages.
  • Buttons for next Pokémon / or next random Pokémon
  • Number of ratings per user in Leaderboard style.
  • Re-organize “my profile” page (make it future proof)
  • At “credit-earnings” include links to the related Pokémon / ratings.
  • Include rank + credits at home.
  • Add another credit type with different functions.


Visit Fill in a username and an e-mailadres. You can start rating directly, a password will be sent to your e-mail.

To track your rating skill progress it is necessary to create an account. It is possible to leave ratings without being logged in, but it will not reward any credits.

About the website / community

Yes it is completely free for users. The Master pays for all website costs, by serving ads we try to reduce costs. There is no pay-to-win (atleast not at this moment ;) ). By clicking on the ads regularly you keep the website up and running!

Yes of course you may! You might need some training, but by gaining experience you can become a Master-Rater as well!

And btw. Pokémon Go is an epic game to play with your friends and it helps getting some more activity during the week!

Yes as far as we know this is a list of all released shiny Pokémon. Many are not available at this moment, but have been released in the past.

Are you missing a shiny Pokémon? Please let us know at: [email protected]

No we are not, we use them under non-commercial license. For credits please look at the bottom bar of the website. If there are any legal issues please let us know at [email protected]

Please check the list in the question below. Please report your unknown bugs at: [email protected]

Yes, unfortunately there are some bugs without a quick fix. If you know the solution to one of these bugs please let us know.

  • Several secret loopholes (bug abuse)

You found a bug? If it is not yet in this list: Please report your bugs at: [email protected]

No, it is under construction and development. New content, ranks, achievements, functionalities will be added in the near future.